What’s the Best Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set?

best zafu and zabuton meditation cushion set

Traditionally used for zazen zen meditation (meaning seated meditation), zafu and zabuton cushions make a meditation more practical and comfortable, especially if you meditate sitting on the floor. They’re especially nice if your home has hardwood floors, or your knees are sensitive.

Zafu is the Japanese name for a round cushion (called putuan in Chinese). Traditionally they are stuffed with reedmace down making them very soft and comfortable. To use them for meditation, you sit the buttocks on the cushion, which allows the knees to rest on the floor.

Some people choose to use a zafu with a zabuton, which is a rectangular cushion that can be placed under the zafu pillow to provide more comfort and support for the knees during meditation. These can be purchased separately or bought together in a set.

We have collected some of the best zafu and zabuton sets so you can find the perfect match to enhance your meditation practice.

Sun and Moon Deluxe Zafu and Zabuton 2 Piece Set
Green Sun and Moon Zafua nd Zabuton SetSun and Moon brags that the Dali Lama himself orders custom zafu cushions from them, so you know they’re good. The pleated round zafu cushion comes filled with your choice of buckwheat hull or kapok (a resiliant plant fiber). The zabutons come in a matching color and is fillwed with 3-inch cotton batting.

Not sure what filling to choose? Kapok provides a firmer support, while the buckwheat conform to the shape of your body like a foam pillow. The firmness is adjustable by using the zipper on the zafu to adjust the amount of buckwheat. The zafu also include a handle for easy portability.

With 14 different color options, you’re sure to find a nice, comfortable set to match the decor and design of your meditation space.

The zabuton measures 36″ x 28″.

Made in the USA from eco friendly materials.

Available colors: burgundy, sage green, natural, cinnamon, black, purple, charcoal, forrest green, chocolate, navy, iris, saffron

Two Toned Rectangular Zafu and Zabuton Set
rectangle zafu zabuton cushion setThis zafu and zabuton cushion set from D&D Futon Furniture features a stylish two tone design, so you can easily select a stylish color to match your home. The zafu is rectangular in shape, making it work well for cross legged and kneeling meditation positions.

Both are filled with cotton so you can comfortably meditate on hardwood floors or sitting for long periods of time.

The zafu is 6″ thick, 9″ wide, 15″ long

The zabuton is 3″ thick, 28″ wide, 36″ long

Available colors: black and red, black and gray, black and royal blue, black and hunter green, black and burgundy, black and peach, black and pink, black and tan, black and green, black and navy, black and white, black and turquoise

Zafu Cushion and Zabuton Mat Meditation Set
cotton zafu and zabuton meditation pillow mat setIf you’re looking for a little more style, color, and pattern from your meditation pillows, try one of these sets from Leewadee. They offer a variety of colors and patterns to help inspire your meditation practice.

Both cushions are hand stuffed with natural kapok fibers for a firm and comfortable pillow. The outer covers are made of cotton twill in a variety of colors and patterns.

The zabuton has a quilted design that adds a pleasant aesthetic and extra comfort to the cushion.

The round zafu cushion is 16″ long, 16″ wide”, 8″ height. The zabuton mat is 32.5″ long, 27.5″ wide, 2″ height.

Available colors: brown, black, gray, red and brown pattern, brown pattern, green pattern, brown and red pattern, black and gray pattern, red and green pattern, blue pattern

3 Piece Restorative Yoga Set – Zafu, Zabuton, and Strap
restorative yoga zafu sabuton strap setThis set is perfect if you’re on the go and often take your meditation practice to a yoga class or other venue. It comes with a zafu meditation pillow, a zabuton cushion, and a strap for easy portability. Both have removable, zippered poly cotton covers for easy cleaning.

The zafu cushion is filled with buckwheat hull for comfort and firmness. The zabuton mat is made from 3″ foam and measures 26″ by 26″.

Made in the USA.

Available colors: green, indigo, light blue, mocha, orange, pink, red, teal, violet, yellow

Chattra Patterned Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Pillow Set
Chattra yellow black India pattern zafu zabuton setIf you’re looking for a comfortable but stylish meditation set with a beautiful print, check out this zafu and zabuton set from Chattra. Their designs are based on elements from historical Indian palaces, temples, and traditional textiles. The 100% cotton fabrics are made in ethical workshops in India and then stuffed and assembled in the USA.

The zafu is stuffed with buckwheats hulls, and the zabuton features US grown cotton. Both cushions add beautiful spiritual meanings to your meditation practice.

Available colors: black and yellow, charcoal

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