Seiza Meditation Benches for Home Meditation

Seiza Meditation Benches for Home Meditation

If a home meditation practice is a regular part of your routine, you may want to consider purchasing a meditation bench. Meditation benches help make a kneeling meditation more comfortable. By sitting on the bench, it takes the pressure off your legs so your body is more comfortable. Without any pain, you’re able to keep your focus and meditate longer. (Learn more about how to use a meditation bench.)

If you normally meditate in your home, there are plenty of options for meditation benches that will enhance your practice. In this article, we cover some high-quality meditation benches you can add to your meditation space to enhance your practice. If you meditate on the go or like to meditate outside, check out these portable and folding benches. If you need back support, consider these meditation chairs.

Home Meditation Benches

Dual Height Padded Meditation Bench

Dual Height Padded Meditation BenchesIf you’re looking for a basic style meditation bench with a little padding, this is a great option. This seiza bench features rounded legs, which give you the option of two heights and the ability to angle the bench for the most comfortable sitting position. It’s a great model to choose if you’re just starting to meditate or looking to relieve back or leg pain while meditating.

Handmade in California, USA by meditators. With three sizes and 15 color options and patterns available, you’re sure to find one that will work for your body and for your meditation space.

Sizes: small, medium, large

Colors: charcoal, black, blue, coral, eucalyptus, hazel, sandy beach, paisley, gold with flowers, brown with gold swirls, orange vines, tan with blue flowers, autumn gold, carnival, circles (pictured left)

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Adjustable Red Oak Meditation Bench

Adjustable Red Oak Meditation BenchIf you’re not worried about cushioning, this seiza kneeling stool made from solid red oak is a beautiful and functional option. This bench also features curved multi-angle legs so you can easily adjust to the most comfortable position as you meditate.

Handmade in Maine, USA from locally harvested red oak and coated with a non-toxic beeswax finish. It’s not only beautiful but a great option to support a small business.

Black Dragon Bench with Adjustable Height

Black Dragon Bench with Adjustable HeightThis bench is very different from other meditation benches in its adjustable height. Instead of just coming with rounded legs that provide a small amount of height adjustment, the Black Dragon bench comes with different legs to change the height of the bench, offering three different heights. That means it can be used as a kneeling bench or to sit crossed leg while you meditate. The legs easily attach with magnets so you can quickly switch them out.

This bench is a great option if you like variety in sitting positions while meditating. Made in Australian from sustainable timber.

Reflekter Meditation Stool with Brocade Cushion

Reflekter Meditation Stool with Brocade CushionIf you’re looking for a pi style bench with a cushion, this is a great option.The Reflekter stool. The design of one rounded leg makes this bench gravity neutral and ergonomic. It’s flexible so it can be positioned anyway needed to get a perfect, comfortable meditating posture.

Made from durable materials, the Reflekter is perfect for assisting your kneeling meditation. Made from pine and douglas fir finished in a mahogany stain and cushioned with shuttle woven brocade fabrics, this stool is not only functional but beautiful.

Sizes: small, medium, large

Colors: black, blue, red, white

Now Meditation Bench and Mat

Now Meditation Bench and MatI know what you’re thinking–this doesn’t look like a meditation bench. But it is, as long as you’re thinking outside the “box” of what a bench is. The Now Kit started as a Kickstarter that wanted to make mindfulness and meditation more achievable for the average person by making a supportive bench that is ergonomic and affordable.

Instead of a traditional wooden bench or stool, the Now Bench combines the firmness of a stool with the comfort of a meditation cushion. It’s made from soft and firm foam, so you can easily flip, tilt, and otherwise customize to get the perfect balanced angle for sitting meditation. The kit also comes with a Now Mat, a rubberize exercise mat that cushions your legs while you kneel. This kit gives you everything you need for a comfortable and focus practice.

Once you’ve found a meditation bench that will work for you, consider buying a zabuton meditation cushion to help support your knees and legs. You may also want a meditation shawl to keep you warm and comfy while you meditate.

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