Portable and Folding Seiza Meditation Bench

Portable and Folding Meditation Bench

If you have an on-the-go lifestyle that involves a lot of traveling, you don’t want to sacrifice your meditation practice. Meditating helps you keep calm and deal with the stress of changing locations and the hectic pace of airports and other modes of travel. Folding meditation benches are very portable. They can easily be stored in a suitcase, backpack, or tote bag and then unfolded for use in hotel rooms or public parks.

Even if you don’t travel a lot, folding meditation benches are great to take to yoga class or if you like to meditate in nature. Toss it in your car or carry it in your backpack on the bus and you can meditate in the park, on the beach, in the woods, or anywhere else you desire. Let the peaceful noises of nature enhance your meditation.

Folding meditation benches are also great for cramped apartments or other smaller homes where you don’t have enough space for a dedicated meditation area. When you’re done meditating for the day, just fold up the bench and easily store in under your bed, in a drawer, or in a closet while taking up minimal space. (If space isn’t an issue and you usually meditate at home, check out these seiza meditation benches.)

If you’re looking for a portable meditation bench, here are a few of the best to help you keep up your meditation practice no matter the location.

Ronin Folding Meditation Bench

Ronin Folding Meditation Bench
This lovely portable meditation bench is handmade from beautiful walnut wood, hand finished with a natural lavender-beeswax coating. The design is bio-mechanically correct so you can sit on your knees wtih a proper posture to align your spine.

The leg folds into the bench for a flat travel mode. When open, hidden magnets hold the leg in place for stability. The seat is wrapped with rope for extra comfort. This bench is light and comfortable for optimal portability, but the solid wood to give you full support as you meditate.

Pi to Go Folding Meditation Bench

Pi to Go Folding Meditation Bench
This unique design of this seiza bench looks like the pi symbol. It’s made from hardwoods with a poly coat finish. The legs fold up flat against the seat for easy portability and storage. Just toss it in your bag and you’re ready to meditate anywhere.

The legs are rounded, allowing for any angle for your sitting meditation. The center position of the bench legs allow for more space for your legs, making this the perfect bench for taller meditators.

Dimensions: 18″ wide, 7″ deep, 7.25″ high

IKUKO Wooden Portable Meditation Bench

IKUKO Wooden Portable Meditation Bench
This gorgeous portable meditation bench from IKUKO has a unique curved seat form, making it an ergonomic bench. It helps you naturally straighten your spine for perfect meditation alignment.

Since this kneeling bench is curved to fit your bottom, it is comfortable enough to not need a cushion. The feet are removable, and then all three pieces fit in an included 100% cotton bag for easy storage or travel.

Made from wild cherry wood in Canada. Comes in natural wood or stained dark walnut.

Dimensions: depth 20cm, width 42cm, height 18cm

Portable Meditation Bench with Folding Legs

Portable Meditation Bench with Folding Legs
Pro Force makes this convenient folding meditation bench. The legs are hinged to fold flat against the seat, making an easily portable one piece. This bench is handcrafted from solid wood and features a natural finish.

The bottom of the stool legs are rounded so you can easily adjust the bench for the right sitting angle to achieve a comfortable alignment of the spine and head. This is perfect for a meditator who travels a lot, or for use at home where it can easily be stored away.

Dimensions: length 17″, width 7″, height 7.25″

Don’t forget to buy a meditation bench tote bag to easily transport or store your bench.

Ananda Woodworking Folding Meditation Bench

Ananda Woodworking Folding Meditation Bench
This folding meditation bench from Ananda Woodworking is similar to the last one. It features the hinged folding leg design for easy portability and storage. However there are two big differences: first the bottom of the stool feet are flat, allowing for only one angle of the bench. The second is this bench features a padded cushion top for a comfortable seat that means you don’t need to buy a bench pillow as well.

This bench is built to last with front door hinges and thick padding with sturdy upholstered fabric to ensure many years of comfortable meditation use. This is a great investment for many future years of meditation.

The design of the bench is meant to take pressure off your ankles, so you can meditate in a kneeling position longer without discomfort.

With five different color options available, you should be able to find the perfect bench to match your meditation space decor, or just your favorite color.

Available colors: black, burgundy, blue, gold, natural

Ananda Woodworking also makes a canvas tote bag perfectly sized to carry your new meditation bench to class or while you travel.

Don’t forget to buy a zabuton mat to go with your meditation bench, especially if you’re meditating on hard floors. The zabuton will provide a comfortable cushion for your legs and knees so you can keep your attention focused on your breath.

If you’re looking for a meditation pillow that’s more portable, check out travel meditation cushions and mats.

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