10 Meditation Gift Ideas for Mindfulness

10 Meditation Gift Ideas for Mindfulness

Do you have a loved one who enjoys meditating or is interested in starting a meditation practice? There are many creative and thoughtful gifts you can give that will help them in their journey. You should look for gifts that promote mindfulness and support a regular meditation practice. There are plenty of options that help promote self-reflection and remind the receiver to stay in the present moment. We’ve gathered 10 awesome meditation gift ideas that make great presents for new meditators and enlightened beings.

Meditation Gift Ideas

1. Buddha Board

Buddha Board
The tagline for the Buddha Board is “Master the art of letting go” which you literally have to do when you use this unique item. Think of it like an Etch-a-Sketch or a dry erase board: you can draw anything on it and it’s not permanent. But the Buddha Board takes it to the next level–you don’t choose to erase your image or words, instead, the “ink” fades over time reminding the user to live in the moment

The Buddha Board is very simple in its design and use, but impactful in its meaning. Water is used as the “ink,” appearing as black strokes on the surface. It’s the perfect gift for artists and writers. The board can be used to write down the day’s worries and anxieties, so you can just watch them fade away. It’s also great for sketching and drawing while refocusing the mind.

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2. Desktop Zen Garden Kit

Miniature Desktop Zen Garden Kit
Miniature Zen Gardens are a great way to destresss at work and give a visual reminder to check in and be in the moment. A zen garden kit makes an excellent gift for office workers as the kit comes with everything they need to get started. This kit comes with the sand, a beautiful wooden base, a bamboo rake, and rocks.

It can be displayed on a desk or elsewhere in the home. When the owner needs some stress relief or just wants to connect with the moment, they can use the rake and rocks to create beautiful designs. These miniature zen gardens are loved by office workers because they add a little zen to their desk and help deal with stress and boredom. This is the perfect gift for people with stressful jobs.

3. Rose Wood Mala Beads

Rose Wood Mala Meditation BeadsMala or meditation beads make a fantastic gift for anyone who meditates regularly. Traditional malas have 108 beads and can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet. They are used in meditation to count breaths or a repeated mantra. When they’re worn daily, they can also remind the meditator of an intention or to check in and be in the moment.

This set of mala meditation beads is made of rose wood. They are deep ruddy brown beads with a traditional tassel. Rose wood improves circulation, strengthen spiritual aura, and helps repel negativity in your life. It’s a great choice for most meditators. You can also learn about mala beads meaning by color to select the perfect mala gift.

4. Color Me Calm Meditation and Relaxation Coloring Book

Color Me Calm: 100 Coloring Templates for Meditation and RelaxationMany adults have turned to coloring as a way to combat stress and express themselves creatively. It’s also a great way to promote mindfulness or have a meditative experience. This Color Me Calm book features 100 pages of illustrations meant to promote meditation and relaxation. Coloring helps you focus on the now, while also accepting imperfections, and learning to take risks and experiment. The illustrations include nature scenes, mandalas, geometric patterns and more. This book was designed by an art therapist and an artist, so you may find it more relaxing and meditative than other books.

There are plenty of meditation coloring books to consider as gifts (or to buy for yourself). Don’t forget to include some colored pencils, pens, or markers with your gift.

5. Lotus Flower Blanket

Lotus Flower BlanketIf you’re looking for beautiful meditation gift ideas, these blankets and tapestries of lotus flowers are a fantastic idea. The round mandala pattern blankets, are made to be used on the beach, but they are so versatile. They’re great for picnics, meditating outdoors, or displaying in the home. These also make a great gift for someone looking for a tapestry to hang in a meditation room. They can be laid on the floor and combined with a meditation cushion or meditation chair to create a temporary calm space to meditate.

The blanket is 100% cotton in the round shape of a lotus flower with a 72″ diameter. For Egyptians, the lotus flower was a symbol of re-birth. In Buddhism, it represents intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge. Available in ocean blue turquoise, red and yellow, & purple and pink prints.

6. Moments of Mindfulness: Daily Inspiration

Moments of Mindfulness: Daily Inspiration BookThis beautiful book is designed to be given as a gift, filled with inspirational quotations from Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. The quotes are short but meaningful, giving an opportunity to reflect on the meaning in one’s own life. It’s also the great way to check in and turn your attention inward. This is a book they can reference before their daily meditation as well.

This is a great book to give someone who is at the beginning of their spiritual journey or a loved one who regularly meditates.

Check out more books on meditation and mindfulness for beginners.

7. Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl SetThis is a gift that is not only functional but makes a beautiful display piece in any meditation space or home. This singing bowl is made in Nepal based on the ancient Tibetan meditation tools. They’re often used to signal the beginning and ending periods of silent meditation or used for Feng Shui to scare away evil spirits. The beautiful sounds can be created by tapping the side of the bowl or by rubbing the mallet around the rim.

This singing bowl set comes with a 4″ singing bowl, a striker, and a pillow. Available in brass or gold. If you’re looking for meditation gift ideas that are functional and beautiful, a singing bowl is a great option.

8. Satya Incense Gift Set

Satya Incense Gift SetThis gift is perfect for anyone who uses incense when they meditate or in their home. This set is a great value, coming with 12 different scents: Sunrise, Romance, Fortune, Rain Forest, Celestial, Super Hit, Nag Champa, Jasmine Blossom, Midnight, Sandalwoof, Patchouli Forest, and Blessings.

Each box includes 12 incense sticks.

This is a great gift for people who are new to using incense because of the variety of scents. This is also good for people who regularly use incense because it gives them a nice collection to use. If you’re buying this for a beginner, you may want to include an incense burner in the gift.

9. Aroma Therapy Essential Oils Gift Set

Aroma Therapy Essential Oils Gift SetSome people who do not enjoy incense prefer to utilize essential oils and aromatherapy as a part of their meditation. Different oils can be used alone or mixed together create meditation blends. These scents can help ground the meditator or create a sense of calm. They can be used in a diffuser or by dabbing the oil on the third eye. Essential oils also have tons of other uses throughout the home.

This set comes with 6 different essential oils: lavender, sweet orange, peppermint, lemongrass, tea tree, eucalyptus. This gift set is available in a small and large size, the different being the quantity of each oil.

10. Intention Stones

Intention StonesThis is a fantastic gift that allows your loved one to carry a little reminder of their intention around in their pocket. Intention stones are made of clay and stamped with inspirational messages. The sets are customizable with phrases you choose, so it makes a personalized gift for your loved one.

These stones can be displayed on a ceramic dish in a meditation space or on a work desk, to inspire and keep your intention in mind. They’re also the perfect size to carry in your pocket or purse. They’re a great way to remind someone to “Breathe” or “Relax.”

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