Meditation Floor Chair with Back Support

Meditation Floor Chair with Back Support

Meditation is a practice that anyone can participate in because you just need a calm space, your body, and your mind to start. However, for some people, the traditional practice of sitting on the floor to meditate might not be possible because of physical restrictions. Usually, back pain is the biggest complaint, though some people also find the floor too hard to sit on for long periods of time, especially if your home has hardwood floors. You want to be as comfortable as possible while meditating because any pain or discomfort will cause a distraction.

Meditation chairs can easily solve the problem of back pain and supply a more comfortable seat. There are many different options available in different price ranges and styles, so most people can find a chair that meets their needs within their budget.

Most chairs will have some sort of cushion for the seat that will make a comfortable surface to sit on for the duration of your meditation, so your shopping energy can focus more on style and price.

If you have back problems, it’s important to look for a chair that will provide proper support for your specific issues. You may want to consult with your doctor for recommendations if you have severe back pain and trouble sitting up straight. For most back issues, you should be able to try one of these chairs to help enhance and make your meditation practice more comfortable, so your energy can be focused on your breath and mindfulness.

You won’t find meditation chairs for sale in most local stores, but here are some that you can find online.

Back Jack Floor Chair
The Back Jack Floor Chair is one of the most popular (and most affordable) chairs used for meditation. It’s not specifically made for meditation, people using it for camping, playing videos games, or any other activity that requires sitting on the floor. However, the design is perfect for people who need back support while they meditate. The price is also very reasonable in comparison to some more specialty meditation chairs.

The steel frame supports your back, while the dense foam seat provides a comfortable cushion for your bottom. There is only one size but 9 colors to choose from so you can find a chair to match the decor of your meditation space. These chairs also easily stack, so they are perfect for large meditation classes or families that meditate together.

For a slightly more expensive but foldable and portable option, check out this similar chair from Friends of Meditation.

Merax Adjustable Folding Floor Cushion Chair
merax-adjustable-folding-meditation-chairIf you’re looking for something a little nicer than the Back Jack, this floor chair from Merax is similarly priced and features a few “upgraded” features. The seat and the back are cushions, providing more comfort and support for sensitive bottoms and spines. It’s also adjustable to five different degrees of slope, so you can customize the chair to provide you the back support you need–even lying it completely flat for savasana.

The look is a little more classy–it matches the look of upholstered furniture like sofas and chairs, so it looks a little nicer if your meditation spot is a public area in your home.

BirdRock Memory Foam Floor Chair

BirdRock Memory Foam Floor Chair for MeditatingSome people need more than just back support for their floor meditation. Sometimes comfort is also an issue, especially needed support for the sacrum or the lower back area. This floor chair by BirdRock is targeted at gamers who are sitting for long periods of time, so their focus is really on comfort. The chair features soft fabric covering memory foam that cushions and supports your body.

This floor chair is completing adjustable, with 14 different position angles (including laying down completely flat). You will easily be able to find the perfect setting to support your back during floor meditation. If the Merax floor chair doesn’t have the comfort features you’re looking for, this chair is the next step up without a huge price increase.

This meditation floor chair comes in 8 different color options so you can easily find one to match the decor of your meditation room, living room, or bedroom. One of the big plus sides of this chair is it is so comfortable for just lounging around and watching TV. You may find your kids using it when you’re not meditating. If you don’t want it out in your home, it’s easy to store in the flat position under a bed or in a closet. This chair is heavier (over 10 lbs), so it’s not great for taking to class, but it’s perfect for a home meditation practice.

Dimensions: 41.25″ x 21.25″ x 6″

Available Colors: blue, brown, eggplant, gray, lime green, orange, hot pink, purple

Seagrass Harmony Meditation Chair
This is a beautiful meditation chair, made from seagrass and featuring comfortable cushions for the seat and back. The curved design of the seat allows space for the feet and support for the knees if you choose to sit in a crossed leg position. It provides comfortable support for your knees and rear, while also providing back support.

The chair is also low enough to the floor that you can sit near the edge and cross you legs on the floor. This chair looks lovely in any meditation space, or on display in your home.

Friends of Meditation Buddha Meditation Chair
friends-meditation-buddha-chairIf you’re looking for a meditation seat that is highly portable, easy to store, and very supportive and comfortable, this Buddha meditation chair is for you. It has the normal cushioned seat and backrest familiar to most yoga chairs. But then it has so much more.

First, it includes an extra backrest to support your lower back. This backrest is removable and adjusts up and down so you can customize your experience, or share the chair with a family member who has different back support needs.

This chair also includes a 3-inch meditation block to help raise your buttocks. The front is curved to accommodate your legs for a crossed leg meditation posture.

It’s fully foldable, and includes a carrying bag, so you can take it with you to yoga class, or discretely store it in your home.

While you can comfortably meditate in any dining room or office chair you already have in your home, you may want a dedicated space and chair specifically for meditation to help you get in the right mindset for your practice. The meditation chairs in this list will help get you closer to the floor, allowing you to cross your legs while your back is supported, which cannot be done in an ordinary chair.

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