Meditation Bench Tote Bags

Natural and Golden Wheat Meditation Bench Tote BagOne of the best things about a portable meditation bench is the fact that you can take them anywhere. That means you can meditate at home, in the park, on the beach, in the woods, in your hotel room on vacation–anywhere! But, if your folding meditation bench doesn’t already come with a bag, it can be tricky to transport.

These meditation bench tote bags are perfect for taking your bench on the bus or train, or tossing them in the back seat of your car. They’re also good for storing them at home. There are a few designs and colors to choose from, so you should be able to find the right bag for your portable meditation stool.

Natural and Sage Canvas Meditation Tote Bag
Natural and Sage Canvas Meditation Tote Bag
Sage and natural bag (looks like off-white). Reversible to be a solid color. Include a pocket for other odds and ends. 100% cotton canvas.

Natural and Purple Meditation Bench Bag
Natural and Purple Meditation Bench Bag
This gorgeous cotton canvas bag is two toned natural and purple, or can be reversed for a solid color. Convenient pocket makes this a great tote.

Blue and White Meditation Bench Tote
blue meditation bench bag
This sky blue canvas tote bag is sized perfectly for a foldable meditation bench. Features a convenient pocket and reversable fabric.

White Meditation Bench Tote Bag
White Meditation Bench Tote Bag
This gorgeous white canvas bag features a handpainted OM symbol in blue. 100% cotton canvas.

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